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Mission Trip

Praise God! After how many years of waiting and praying, God has fulfilled and answered that prayer. :) Acts 16:31
Here at the airport for a mission trip with Jesus and some members of the family. :)
Praise God!!!
Gonna travel above the clouds. :)
All glory to God.
Matthew 28:18-20.

" It’s hard to explain yourself to all the people you encounter. So be who you are. Be the person that God wants you to be not what people wants you to be. Believe how God sees you not how other people define you. You are worth more than gold in His eyes. Don’t let people put you down. God sees the best in you, when everyone else around you, could only see the worst in you. "
" You cannot please God and men at the same time. Please God not men. "
" Worship is not for tomorrow, or later, or Sunday, or Saturday, or in a couple of weeks. Worship is for now. The purpose of your life is to worship. "